Paraguay Cigarette Market

Production – Consumption – Exports – Brands

Paraguay Cigarette Industry

The combine Revenues of the World’s Six Largest Tobacco Companies are more than USD 346 Billion, which is 1233% Larger than the Gross National Income of Paraguay.

Paraguay Cigarette Production

Statistics of Cigarettes Production in Paraguay are Not Available Right Now.

Paraguay Cigarette Consumption

One Person Smokes 384 Cigarettes Annually in Paraguay.

Annual Cigarette Exports of Paraguay

Average Cigarette Exports of Paraguay are $17.5 Million.

Rank Country Average Cigarettes Exports World Total
53 Paraguay $17.5 Million 0.1%

Market Leader of Cigarettes in Paraguay

Tabasur S.A. is a Market Leader of Cigarettes in Paraguay.

Local Cigarette Brands of Paraguay
1 007 La Soberana S.A.
2 21 Taguasa
3 51 Schelp Tabacos S.A.
4 Latino Schelp Tabacos S.A.
5 New Golden Schelp Tabacos S.A.
6 Achalay Tabasur S.A.
7 Belem Tabasur S.A.
8 Boa Vista Tabasur S.A.
9 Dakar Tabasur S.A.
10 Bahia Tabasur S.A.
11 Milenio Tabasur S.A.
12 Bill Eurolider S.A.
13 Biltz Tabacalera Hernandarias
14 Hobby Tabacalera Hernandarias
15 MP Tabacalera Internacional
16 City Class Tabacalera San Francisco
17 Bunker Tabacalera Mediterraneo
18 CH Tabacalera Mediterraneo
19 Chacal Tabacalera Mediterraneo
20 Caddy Eurolider
21 Classic Imperial Tabacos S.A.
22 Clayton La Vencedora S.A.
23 La V La Vencedora S.A.
24 Derby South American Tobaccos S.A.
25 Eight Tabesa S.A.
26 Marine Tabesa S.A.
27 Euro Eurolider
28 Hills Eurolider
29 Palermo TABESA
30 Play TABESA
International Cigarette Brand of Paraguay
1 Camel Blue JT International – Germany
2 Kent British American Tobacco – Chile
3 Lucky Strike British American Tobacco – Chile
4 M&M Tapasa