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Gulf Tobacco is recognized internationally as a leading manufacturer of Premium Quality Cigarettes and Tobacco Products. We have Modern Facilities of Primary Processing, Cigarette Handling, Packing, Unit Wrapping, Cartooning and Over Wrapping. Our State-of-the-Art Cigarette Manufacturing Plant is located in. Being compliant with various Global protocols and norms, Gulf Tobacco, apart from producing its own In-House Cigarette Brands, also undertakes the Contractual Manufacture (Private Label Cigarette) for other Brands as well.


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Internationally Accredited

Success is achieved through the Quality of our products. As a company we try harder to prove our standards exceed those set by our industry and those expected by our consumers. Quality begins with the Sourcing and Selection of the Perfect Ingredients. Our State-of-the-Art Factory is testament to our commitment. Through this investment we are able to ensure Manufacturing Standards are achieved and surpassed.

The Highest level of Quality Control and Testing is built into each and every step of Manufacturing. Processed Tobacco, received at our plant in a ‘Cut Form’ is closely examined for Quality Parameters such as Consistency of Cut and Moisture Content.

Only Tobacco that meets our Stringent Quality Benchmark is allowed to proceed to the Manufacturing line. A rigorous Three-Step quality assurance model is in place to minutely check our process.

Firstly, each element of a Cigarette is automatically monitored by the Manufacturing line for optimal quality values.

Secondly, a team of Quality Inspectors manually examine a Cigarette in different stages of production every 30 minutes.

Finally, the Quality Testing Module scrutinizes Cigarette samples in the dedicated Quality control laboratory.

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Contract Manufacturing

Access to our State-of-the-Art Secondary Facilities allows other International Brands to take advantage of our Progressive Technologies for Private Label Cigarette. Working closely with Experienced In-House Personnel, Customers receive Specialized Blends or finished Products Designed to Satisfy Cost and Sensory requirements for their Designated Markets. Blend Development, Blend Matching, Cigarette Development, and Packaging Development are Customer-Specific and achieved by working closely with each individual customer.

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