Armenia Cigarette Market

Production – Consumption – Exports – Brands

armenia cigarette industry

Armenia Cigarette Industry

The combine Revenues of the World’s Six Largest Tobacco Companies are more than USD 346 Billion, which is 3105% Larger than the Gross National Income of Armenia.

Armenia Cigarette Production

Average Cigarette Production of Armenia is 28,476,600 units of Cigarette.

Armenia Cigarette Consumption

One Person Smokes 1,986 Cigarettes Annually in Armenia.

Annual Cigarette Exports of Armenia

Average Cigarette Exports of Armenia are $242.3 million.

Rank Country Average Cigarettes Exports World Total
19 Armenia $242.3 million 1.1%

Market Leader of Cigarettes in Armenia

JTI – Japan Tobacco International is a Market Leader of Cigarettes in Armenia.

Local Cigarette Brands of Armenia
1 Akhtamar Black Flame Grand Tobacco
2 Akhtamar Black Flame Exclusive Grand Tobacco
3 Akhtamar Original Grand Tobacco
4 Akhtamar Original 100mm Grand Tobacco
5 Akhtamar Superslims Grand Tobacco
6 Chibukh Grand Tobacco
7 Erebuni Red Label Grand Tobacco
8 Erebuni Superslims Blue Label Grand Tobacco
9 Erebuni Superslims Red Label Grand Tobacco
10 Garni Blue Flame Grand Tobacco
11 Garni Golden Flame Grand Tobacco
12 Garni Regular Grand Tobacco
13 Van Blue Label Grand Tobacco
14 Yerevan Grand Tobacco
15 Yerevan Nighttime Superslims Grand Tobacco
16 Ararat Exclusive International Masis Tabak
17 Ararat Exclusive Special Long International Masis Tabak
18 Black Tip International Masis Tabak
19 Masis Blue Line Slim Size International Masis Tabak
20 Masis Blue Line Superslim International Masis Tabak
21 Noy 4mg International Masis Tabak
22 Noy 8mg International Masis Tabak
23 Prima Masisskaya Lyux International Masis Tabak
24 VIP Blue V3 International Masis Tabak
25 Center 4mg SPS Cigaronne
26 Center 5mg SPS Cigaronne
27 Center Super Slims 4mg SPS Cigaronne
28 Center Ultra Slims 4mg SPS Cigaronne
29 Center Ultra Slims 5mg SPS Cigaronne
International Cigarette Brands of Armenia
1 Camel Black Super Slims JT International
2 Camel Blue JT International
3 Camel Filters JT International
4 Camel Silver JT International
5 Camel White JT International
6 Compliment Blue Johann Wilhelm von Eicken GmbH, Germany
7 Marlboro Touch Philip Morris