Brazil Cigarette Market

Production – Consumption – Exports – Brands

Brazil Cigarette Industry

The combine Revenues of the World’s Six Largest Tobacco Companies are more than USD 346 Billion, which is Equal to 20% of the Gross National Income of Brazil.

Brazil Cigarette Production

Brazil Produce 53.21 Billion Cigarettes Annually.

Brazil Cigarette Consumption

One Person Smokes 333 Cigarettes Annually in Brazil.

Annual Cigarette Exports of Brazil

Average Cigarette Exports of Brazil are $13.4 Million.

Rank Country Average Cigarettes Exports World Total
58 Brazil $13.4 Million 0.1%

Market Leader of Cigarettes in Brazil

Philip Morris Brasil is a Market Leader of Cigarettes in Brazil.

Local Cigarette Brands of Brazil
1 2000 Phoenix Ind. Com. de Tabacos Ltda
2 Gool Phoenix Ind. Com. de Tabacos Ltda
3 21 Tabacos Rei
4 Campeao Sudamax
5 Chanceller Philip Morris Brasil
6 L&M Philip Morris Brasil
7 Luxor Philip Morris Brasil
8 Marlboro Philip Morris Brasil
9 Next Philip Morris Brasil
10 Place Philip Morris Brasil
11 Shelton Philip Morris Brasil
12 Parliament Philip Morris Products
13 Sampoerna Philip Morris Products
14 Dallas Indústria e Comércio Ltda.
15 Fly Cia. Sulamericana de Tabacos
16 W&S Cia. Sulamericana de Tabacos
17 Golf Real Tabacos Ltda.
International Cigarette Brands of Brazil
1 Bacana American Virginia
2 Indy American Virginia
3 MS American Virginia
4 Belmont Souza Cruz
5 Derby Souza Cruz
6 Dunhill Carlton Souza Cruz
7 Free Souza Cruz
8 Hilton Souza Cruz
9 Hollywood Souza Cruz
10 Minister Souza Cruz
11 Plaza Souza Cruz
12 Ritz Souza Cruz
13 Vogue Souza Cruz
14 Camel Japan Tobacco International – Germany
15 Carlton BAT – British American Tobacco
16 Charm BAT – British American Tobacco
17 Lucky Strike British American Tobacco (Brands) Inc.
18 Pall Mall British American Tobacco (Brands) Inc.
19 Djaram PT Djarum – Indonesia
20 L.A PT Djarum – Indonesia