Israel Cigarette Market

Production – Consumption – Exports – Brands

israel cigarette industry

Israel Cigarette Industry

The combine Revenues of the World’s Six Largest Tobacco Companies are more than USD 346 Billion, which is 10% Larger than the Gross National Income of Israel.

Israel Cigarette Production

Israel Produce 0.9 Billion Cigarettes Annually.

Israel Cigarette Consumption

One Person Smokes 1,281 Cigarettes Annually in Israel.

Annual Cigarette Exports of Israel

Average Cigarette Exports of Israel are $2,000.

Rank Country Average Cigarettes Exports World Total
135 Israel $2,000 0.00001%

Market Leader of Cigarettes in Israel

Philip Morris International is a Market Leader of Cigarettes in Israel.

Local Cigarette Brands of Israel
1 Nelson Filter I.C.C. Ltd.
2 Time Blue Dubek Ltd.
3 Time Red Dubek Ltd.
4 NYC Dubek Ltd.
5 Noblesse Virginia Filter Dubek Ltd.
6 Noblesse Virginia Blend Dubek Ltd.
7 Noblesse Golden Virginia Dubek Ltd.
8 No.9 Dubek Ltd.
9 Mustang Red Dubek Ltd.
10 Mustang Lights Dubek Ltd.
11 Mustang Blue Dubek Ltd.
12 Montana Menthol Dubek Ltd.
13 Golf Super Slims Menthol Dubek Ltd.
14 Golf Silver 100’s Dubek Ltd.
15 Golf Premium 100’s Dubek Ltd.
16 Golf Premium Dubek Ltd.
17 Golf Gold 100’s Dubek Ltd.
18 Golf Dubek Ltd.
19 Europa Dubek Ltd.
20 Broadway 80 Dubek Ltd.
21 Broadway 100 Dubek Ltd.
22 Canadian Regular Blue Seal Jerusalem Cigarette Company
23 Canadian Regular Red Seal Jerusalem Cigarette Company
24 Infinity Jerusalem Cigarette Company
25 Wisam Jerusalem Cigarette Company
International Cigarette Brands of Israel
1 Kent Premium Lights 100’s Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
2 Kent Silver Neo 100’s Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
3 Lucky Strike Red Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
4 Lucky Strike Silver Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
5 Rothmans King Size British American Tobacco, Germany
6 Lucky Strike Bright British American Tobacco, Switzerland
7 Pall Mall British American Tobacco, South Africa
8 L&M Loft Blue Dubek
9 L&M Vibe Slims Dubek
10 Maya Blue Heintz van Landewyck, Luxembourg
11 Maya Original Heintz van Landewyck, Luxembourg
12 Camel Black JT International, Switzerland
13 Camel Blue JT International, Switzerland
14 Camel Filters JT International
15 Camel Natural Flavor 10mg JT International Germany
16 Camel Orange JT International
17 Camel White JT International, Switzerland
18 LD Blue JT International, Turkey
19 LD Blue 100s JT International, Turkey
20 LD Club Extra JT International, Turkey
21 Winston Code JI International, Switzerland
22 Winston Code Aqua JI International, Switzerland
23 Marlboro Philip Morris
24 Parliament Blue Philip Morris Brands Sàrl
25 Parliament Blue 100’s Philip Morris Brands Sàrl
26 Parliament Night Philip Morris Brands Sàrl
27 Parliament Night 100’s Philip Morris Brands Sàrl
28 Parliament Silver Philip Morris Brands Sàrl
29 Parliament Super Slims Philip Morris Russia
30 Parliament Super Slims 100 Philip Morris Russia
31 V6 Quality Cigarette & Tobacco of Canada Inc.
32 V8 Quality Cigarette & Tobacco of Canada Inc.
33 Highway Blue Von Eicken, Germany
34 Highway Red Von Eicken, Germany
35 Highway Silver Von Eicken, Germany