Tanzania Cigarette Market

Production – Consumption – Exports – Brands

tanzania cigarette industry

Tanzania Cigarette Industry

The combine Revenues of the World’s Six Largest Tobacco Companies are more than USD 346 Billion, which is 300% Larger than the Gross National Income of Tanzania.

Tanzania Cigarette Production

Statistics of Cigarettes Production in Tanzania are Not Available Right Now.

Tanzania Cigarette Consumption

One Person Smokes 132 Cigarettes Annually in Tanzania.

Annual Cigarette Exports of Tanzania

Average Cigarette Exports of Tanzania are $3.4 Million.

Rank Country Average Cigarettes Exports World Total
74 Tanzania $3.4 Million 0.2%

Market Leader of Cigarettes in Tanzania

Tanzania Cigarette Company Ltd is a Market Leader of Cigarettes in Tanzania.

Local Cigarette Brands of Tanzania
1 Embassy Tanzania Cigarette Company Ltd.
2 Safari Tanzania Cigarette Company Ltd.
3 Supermatch Mastermind Tobacco
4 Sportsman BAT – British American Tobacco